Minimize costs, maximize quality

Public peering is an efficient and cost-effective service designed to reduce IP-transit and network costs by aggregating all kinds of ISPs on a single Layer 2 switching platform. UAE-IX's public peering service will greatly enhance the speed and reliability of your IP products. 

Instant access to many networks 

We provide free value-added services such as the UAE-IX route servers which will get you instant access to many networks – without the hassle to negotiate agreements with every potential peering partner. The UAE-IX public peering service is the first choice for wholesale, broadband and content providers seeking a robust selection of Internet networks for connectivity to their customers. The UAE-IX is built on a fully redundant switching platform right in the heart of the Middle East – the UAE. 

Benefits of peering with GlobePEER

  • Reduced IP transit and network cost
  • Control over routing and traffic flow
  • Increased network quality
  • Enhanced end user experience
  • Highly reliable and resilient connectivity

To find out more, download our 10 reasons why you should peer white paper.

Flexible bandwidths 

Bandwidths are available between 0.1 and multiple 100 GE.

UAE-IX is built on a fully redundant switching platform and our performance is backed by industry-leading SLAs. Our knowledgeable and responsive staff provides unmatched support for your business. 

If you would like to join, you need to have your own Autonomous System Number (ASN) and your connection has to comply with the UAE-IX technical requirements.