Use UAE-IX to peer remotely at DE-CIX Marseille

With the GlobePEER Remote service, networks connected to UAE-IX in Dubai are able to peer remotely at DE-CIX Marseille and reach over 80 additional networks. 

Marseille is one of the key European landing stations for a large number of international subsea cables and global Internet transit pathways. It is a major network hub where content and eyeball networks meet, and more than 90,000 IPv4 routes are available at this exchange. Connecting Europe with the Middle East, networks connected at DE-CIX Marseille can now also peer with over 70 networks connected to UAE-IX.

Your benefits

  • 1-day delivery time
  • Fully redundant service
  • Predictable latency and jitter values
  • Flexibility (short cancellation terms)
  • No extra hardware costs
  • No hassle with importing IT equipment
  • One contact, one bill
  • Available bandwidths

The available bandwidths range from 0.01 up to 100 GE.