Interconnection in the Middle East today

In its more than 10 years of operation, the UAE-IX has grown from an empty data center to an important interconnection hub. Awareness of the benefits of peering in the Gulf region has grown, and the following video makes clear that there is no GCC country left without an Internet Exchange (IX). A lot of content has come to the region, and traffic localization is taken more seriously than before.

In the video below, interconnection experts talk about the current state of interconnection in the Gulf region.

10 years of UAE-IX: The present

The UAE-IX was one of the necessary developments of the past and its success is a successful milestone for the neutral interconnection ecosystem in the UAE, but developing a digital society is a process, and there are further challenges to come in the future.

To learn more, download the study “The birth of an international Internet hub: a playbook for digital economy”. The study explores the strategic steps and the results in the UAE over the past decade and offers a roadmap on how other regions can follow in the development of a digital economy.