RPKI at the UAE-IX route servers

In 2019, UAE-IX deployed RPKI at the UAE-IX route servers in order to increase the security of the Internet routing system and support the adoption of RPKI. The adoption was essential to Internet security, and the benefits were visible from day one for all peers and their customers. 

As the combination of RPKI and Blackholing might increase the operational burden, three implementation options were discussed. Option 3 was selected: Strict RPKI origin validation filtering for non-Blackholes and loose RPKI origin validation filtering on Blackholes.  

In the following, you will find some basic information about RPKI and its deployment at UAE-IX. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

General RPKI FAQ

RPKI Dashboard

RPKI Dashboard (How can I create ROAs for my prefixes?)

RPKI deployment at DE-CIX FAQ


How does DE-CIX implement RPKI validation at the DE-CIX route servers?
*Each entry in this table will have the max. applicable length available applied (e.g. /32 for IPv4)